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hyaena fierling, composer / improviser / filmmaker / writer



         April 2017:
         Album GÜL-NASR out now on Anti-Demos-Cracia Records




            December 2017:

            HYAENA FIERLING requires a CURATOR willing to distribute, issue, showcase and

            publish her art work - music, films and writings - in all relevant art-related media and

            locals; able to book concerts, local and international, as well as plan showcasing of

            filmography and publishing of writings; committed to provide HF with the revenues of

            the divulgation of her work; capable to organise in 2018 a celebration of HF's 20 years 

            as sound artist, including special editions and live appearance in concert with all due

            decent and well deserved conditions; well connected to media in order to give HF due and

            well deserved visibility and recognition.

            Please apply to whizjaw@gmail.com ASAP. Thank you. 


















              e-mail / booking: whizjaw [at] gmail dot com